Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Problems Activating and Updating Windows 7 behind an Endian Firewall

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I have had problems Activating and Updating Windows 7.

I have an Endian firewall appliance.

The main error I was getting was 0×80072EFD – unable to connect.

For me, the solution (after hours of heartache) was simple:

Go into Control Panel / Network and Internet / Internet Options / Connections tab / LAN Settings,

UNTICK “Automatically detect settings” and press OK.

Activation then works.

Updates then work perfectly.

Sorry – I’m not sure why this happens. I suspect it’s a bug in Endian version 2.2 which is fixed in later a version, probably relating to the internal Endian Proxy server which in my case is disabled anyway.

I hope this helps someone.

Many thanks to my son, Lachlan, who also had this problem, and figured out how to fix it after several days of heartache.